Revol Snax Bites - Matcha Latte

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Revol Snax famous bites are available in convenient single-serve packs so you can take your favorite snacks with you on the go. 

That's right, now you can order the Revol 3-bite packs with eco-friendly packaging!

Available in packs of 4 units or 10 units

Same great taste, texture, and gooey filling!
We recommend placing the bites in the fridge before opening once you receive them, especially during summer. 

- Keto Friendly

- Vegan

- Paleo

*You may have noticed some ingredients in these bites that you probably don't recognize. Because we value transparency and clean ingredients, here is what they are and why they're good for you:

Allulose: Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in foods such as maple syrup, figs, wheat and raisins. Chemically, it is very similar to fructose, which is found naturally in most fruits.  

Monk Fruit Extract: Monk fruit is a small round fruit native to southern China. Its extract has been used as an alternative sweetener to sugar for hundreds of years. Monk fruit sweeteners are produced by removing the seeds and skin of the fruit, crushing the fruit, and then filtering and extracting its sweet portions into liquid and powdered forms. The result is a natural and 0 calorie alternative to sugar. 

Erythritol: A type of carbohydrate called sugar alcohol, erythritol is one of the most common sugar substitute sweeteners available. It's popular in foods made for weight loss and diabetes. It contains 0 calories and can be found naturally in a variety of fruits, vegetables and fermented foods.  

Sunflower Lecithin: Lecithin is a fatty substance that is naturally found in your body as well as a multitude of plant and animal sources. Some of the most common types of lecithin include soybeans, egg yolks and sunflower lecithin.  Lecithin has actually been around for more than 100 years and has long been used in the food industry as a natural emulsifier, helping stabilize mixtures and prevent different parts from separating. It’s also commonly available as a supplement and used to help lower cholesterol levels, aid in breastfeeding and support better brain function.

P.S.: We sourced the lowest carbon footprint packaging we could for these packs-- they're made from paper and uses 50% less plastic.

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