Nutrition & Consumption

AHAV is not produced in a certified gluten free kitchen space. However, AHAV is made with all certified gluten free ingredients and the kitchen space and equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after production!

This is a tough one. It definitely depends on how sensitive your allergy is. We always produce the peanut butter flavor completely separate from the other flavors and also change gloves, wash the machine, and wash the kitchen space. However, there is always a slight chance so please be careful!!!

We have received a ton of feedback from diabetic customers saying that AHAV did not affect their sugar levels even after consuming the entire pouch!!! But of course, always be carfull and consult your doctor before eating AHAV if you're a diabetic.

You know it!!!!

The reason the fat content is so high is because of the coconut oil! This is on purpose!! Coconut oil has a ton of MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) that are broken down faster in your body and help keep you full for longer!! The reason I created AHAV was to have a snack that satisfied my cravings! Thanks to the healthy fats AHAV both satisfies my cravings and keeps me full at night!!

We would not recommend baking the bites. Since the bites don’t have butter, flour, or baking soda they tend to just get drier when baked. However, microwaving and/or air frying the bites for just 10-20 seconds is highly recommended and will result in a warm, gooey treat!!!

Eat the entire pouch!!! It is only 260-280 calories and has a lot of healthy fat to keep you full!!! At one point I literally ate 8 pouches one day! That was too much. Don’t do that.

I can’t tell you how many comments I get on TikTok saying this exact thing every day!! It is important to realize that AHAV is not marketed as a protein bite nor a protein bar. It is a cookie dough alternative that is high in protein. Meaning compared to the other cookie dough on the market AHAV is actually 3-4 times higher in protein!!! Since the beginning I have always focused on simple, natural ingredients so, as a result, I will never use a protein powder to simply increase the protein count on the product. In my opinion, that is not what this company is about. It is about improving lives through simple snacks and simple ingredients!!!

You do not need to refrigerate AHAV! The shelf life of AHAV is about 6 months and refrigerated its even longer! Either way, we're confident that your AHAV will be long gone before reaching its experation date!

Our Brand

I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!! Ahav actually means “to love” in Hebrew and my goal with this company is to help people learn to both love food and love themselves - something I work on everyday!!

AHAV is based out of Washington DC!!!

At the moment, AHAV is only offered in independent stores throughout Washington DC and Virginia. However, I am always working on landing more retail accounts so (fingers crossed) you will hopefully find AHAV on your grocery store shelves in no time!!!!


Who doesn't dream of AHAV's mouthwatering cookie dough bites reaching every corner of the globe? While we can't quite teleport our scrumptious treats worldwide just yet, we're on a mission to make it happen! In the meantime, we're thrilled to ship our delightful creations within the United States, bringing smiles and satisfied taste buds to cookie dough lovers everywhere!!!

We totally understand that anticipation can make the wait for your delicious cookie dough feel like forever! We strive to process orders as fast as possible and we always ship in 1 business day! Once shipped, delivery times within the United States usually range from 3 to 7 business days. Please keep in mind that factors such as your location and any unforeseen shipping delays beyond our control may affect the actual delivery time. Rest assured, we'll do our best to get your AHAV cookie dough bites to you as quickly as possible, so you can start indulging in its goodness ASAP!

We offer a flat rate of $5.85 for shipping. But here's the cherry on top: If your order totals over $60, we're thrilled to treat you to the sweetest shipping deal — FREE shipping! So go ahead, load up your cart with AHAV's irresistible cookie dough goodness, and enjoy the convenience of having it delivered straight to your door without any extra shipping costs!!

Although we do our best to ensure this doesn't happen, sometimes things are just out of our control! If your bites arrived damaged in any way, you can send us an email directly at liam.frumkin@ahavfoods.com and we will make it right! See our refund policy for more information.

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